Defense and National Security

Learn my views on Defense and National Security.

Economy and Jobs

Government must pursue a comprehensive strategy to spur economic recovery and job creation.


I believe it is imperative in today’s global economy that we provide our children with access to education that prepares them to succeed in a world where technology evolves every day.

Energy and Environment

Conserving Washington’s historic wilderness areas has been a mission of mine since I came to Congress.


Learn my views on Healthcare issues.

Tax Reform

I have serious concerns with proposals to raise taxes on families and small businesses.


Learn my views on Veterans' issues.

Children's Health Care Caucus

The caucus advances legislative initiatives that provide access to health coverage, ensure preventative care, seek cures for debilitating diseases and chronic conditions, and promote healthy living habits for America’s children.

Federal Budget

Our country is operating under significant economic stress and a contributing factor is the dire fiscal condition of federal and state governments.


Our current immigration system is broken and in need of true, lasting reform.

Law Enforcement Caucus

The Law Enforcement Caucus is a bipartisan working group of Members of Congress who seek an open forum to address issues affecting the law enforcement community.

Safe Communities

Our local law enforcement officers are serving on the front lines of the war on terror, gangs, and drugs. We must ensure they have the resources they need to continue to keep our children and homes safe.


We must also consider what our country stands to lose by failing to implement trade agreements while competitors like the European Union, Canada, and China race ahead to aggressively knock down trade barriers and increase their own market share.