Reichert Bill to Aid American Hurricane Survivors Abroad Passes House

Sep 12, 2017

Washington, DC - Congressman Reichert (R-WA) released the following statement after a bill he sponsored, the Emergency Aid to American Survivors of Hurricanes Irma and Jose Overseas Act, passed the House and Senate and was signed into law by President Donald Trump. The legislation allows for increased levels of emergency assistance to be used to aid the recovery of Americans living abroad who have or will be impacted by the hurricanes affecting the southeast region of the country.

“Hurricane season has left countless Americans stranded and in need of medical care or other assistance,” said Rep. Reichert. “This includes American individuals and families living outside our borders who are struggling to rebuild after the destruction of Hurricane Irma and are preparing for the potential impact of Hurricane Jose. I am proud my colleagues joined me in supporting these American survivors and giving them the care they deserve as they work to recover what has been lost.”


The U.S. Repatriation Program (Program) was established in 1935 under Section 1113 of the Social Security Act (Assistance for U.S. Citizens Returned from Foreign Countries), to provide temporary assistance to U.S. citizens and their dependents who have been identified by the Department of State (DOS) as having returned, or been brought from a foreign country, to the U.S. because of destitution, illness, war, threat of war, or similar crisis, and without available resources.