Reichert Statement on Senate Healthcare Bill

Jun 22, 2017 Issues: Healthcare

Washington, D.C. –Today, Representatives Dave Reichert (R-WA) made the following statement after the U.S. Senate released its healthcare legislation.

"I am currently reviewing the Senate’s healthcare bill to see if it meets the high standards patients in Washington State and throughout the country expect and deserve," said Rep. Reichert.  "It is clear our current health care system is not living up to its promises. Just this week, Washington’s Insurance Commissioner announced that in 2018 our state will be losing 2 more insurers and 80 health plans – more than 50 percent of our current plans. Premiums are also expected to go up an average of 23.3 percent across the state.  This continues the troubling trend of fewer health insurers offering fewer plans while premiums and out of pocket expenses continue to rise.  In fact, there is now an entire county in our state - Klickitat - where no plans will be offered in 2018. This is not a status-quo we can accept. Congress must work to fix this broken system, but we must do it while protecting the most vulnerable in our communities, including children on Medicaid, people with preexisting conditions, and older Americans. These always have been and will continue to be my healthcare priorities. I look forward to working with both my Senate and House colleagues on crafting a bill that meets these high standards."