Reichert Updates Constituents on Shutdown

Oct 4, 2013

Washington, D.C. -- This afternoon, Congressman Reichert sent his constituents an update on the current status of the government shutdown.  The text of that update is below:

"As your representative in Washington, D.C., I wanted to provide an update on the current shutdown of the federal government.  While we negotiate a solution to our budget crisis, the House of Representatives has passed a number of bills to ensure that Americans are affected as little as possible by the current shutdown.  As your Representative, please know that I will continue to vote for any legislation that keeps the federal government open.

"So far, the House of Representatives has voted to make sure that our military members, national guard and reserve officers are paid, that the Department of Veterans Affairs is open to assist America’s heroes, that the Federal Emergency Management Agency can do its job, that low-income women and children can receive nutrition assistance, and that our National Parks remain open for business.  In the coming days, we will pass legislation to ensure that furloughed federal employees receive retroactive pay, that the Food and Drug Administration is funded, and that the Head Start program remains open.  Please urge your Senators to pass these bills while we work to find a solution to fix our budget, solve our debt crisis, and get the American economy going again. 

"Also, please know that while the government is shut down, our offices are still open to serve the 8th District of Washington.  Please do not hesitate to reach out our District (425.677.7414) or D.C. (202.225.7761) offices if you have any questions as the shutdown continues."