Rep. Reichert's Statement on Tax Extenders Bill

Dec 17, 2015 Issues: Economy and Jobs, Tax Policy

Washington, DC – Today Congressman Dave Reichert (R-WA) applauded the U.S. House of Representatives’ passage of the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act, which includes several provisions Rep. Reichert championed. Prior to the vote, the Congressman spoke on the House floor about the impact this bill will have on Washingtonians. To watch the video, click HERE.

Rep. Reichert made the following statement after the bill’s passage:

“The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act does exactly what its title implies – it ensures families across the country will keep more of their hard-earned dollars and provides our small business owners with much-needed certainty to plan for future investments and hirings. I am proud to say this bill includes several provisions I have championed on behalf of America’s teachers, workers and small businesses,” Reichert said. “And for Washingtonians, this bill not only guarantees fairness by making permanent our ability to deduct sales tax, but it also ensures that tens of thousands of local public employees, like public utility workers and teachers, will be able to pass on savings they set aside for health care to their loved ones. Today’s vote puts us on a path toward tax reform and guarantees certainty for American workers to provide for their families and for American businesses to compete, innovate and thrive.”

After the vote, stakeholders reached out to Rep. Reichert, thanking for him for his continued effort to fight for tax relief for Washingtonians:

“Main Street businesses owe Congressman Reichert a big THANKS for his tireless efforts on behalf of millions of S corporations across the country.  The passage of the PATH Act means these businesses will no longer need to wait until the end of the year to know if they are going to get relief from the built-in gains tax or whether they’ll be able to deduct their full charitable contributions.  These and the other Main Street business provisions in the bill  will provide job creators with certainty for the first time in decades, so they can make decisions based on what is best for the company rather than the dictates of an outdated tax code.” 

-          Brian Reardon, President, S Corporation Association

“NEA applauds Rep. Reichert’s bipartisan efforts to provide much-needed financial relief for the 99.5 percent of public school educators who put their own dollars toward classroom supplies and instructional materials for our children. For the first time, the tax deduction is permanent, includes professional development as a deductible expense, and will go a long way towards helping educators provide the additional resources our students need to succeed.”

-          Lily Eskelsen García , President, National Education Association

“We are very thankful this bill has been passed. It provides a much-needed change for local government employees who for years have worked hard to set money aside in their VEBA accounts to provide for their health care and that of their families. These prudent savers deserve options in designating beneficiaries so the earnings they have accumulated during their years of service are rightfully retained by their families.”

-          Steve Pfaff, Commissioner of the Soos Creek Water and Sewer District

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