Reps. Reichert and DelBene Issue Joint Statement of Congratulations to City of Redmond

Dec 31, 2012

Mr. Speaker, as the two members who have the honor of representing this city today and in the future, I rise with my colleague Representative Suzan DelBene to honor the centennial anniversary of the City of Redmond, celebrated today, December 31, 2012.

First incorporated in 1912, eligible thanks to the birth of its 300th citizen, Redmond began as a small logging community. A century later, it has turned into a vibrant urban center of 55,000 that still maintains its strong sense of community and is proud of its small-town feel.

Over the last century, Redmond has evolved from logging town, to a small bedroom community east of the big city, to a bustling city in itself. Today, it’s home to some of the most prominent high tech companies in the world. Redmond’s tremendous growth has been fueled by the pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit of the town’s first settlers and, in the century since, has attracted and inspired generations of Washingtonians to turn Redmond into a premier economic engine for the 21st century.

With all this growth and change, Redmond continues to maintain a deep sense of friendship and community. For example, Mr. Speaker, the Redmond Derby Days, a city celebration that grew out of a bicycle race among local paperboys after the depression, is going strong after 70 years. The Derby Days are bigger and better than ever and today, the signature event has the honor of being the nation’s longest running bicycle race.

Over the last few years, we have both enjoyed participating in so many activities and events in beautiful Redmond and are honored to represent the great people of this city.

With the further expansion of mass transit, Redmond has an amazing opportunity to continue its growth and impact neighboring cities. Together with Seattle and environs, its influence contributes to form a region that is vibrant, attractive for business and a great place to live, work and raise a family. As Mayor Marchione, along with all of Redmond’s dedicated City Council members, continue to build on Redmond’s rich history, we look forward to watching and aiding with the city’s success in years to come.

Mr. Speaker, Representative DelBene and I again offer congratulations to the City of Redmond for a wonderful, rich first century and together wish them the best as they move into their second century of prosperity.

Representatives Dave Reichert and Suzan DelBene